One Controversial (Yet Highly Effective) Energy MLM Strategy

Let The Controversy Begin!

I was exhausted. Sick and tired of going to hotel meeting after hotel meeting trying to recruit my friends, family, and loved ones into my network marketing business. Heck I even missed an NFL playoff game last year to pitch a friend of mine, who ended up pitching me on his biz opportunity. Enough is enough, network marketing isn’t for everyone clearly. What if there was a better way to EASILY reach a super targeted audience that is 100% interested in your business? What if I told you that audience is right in front of you, recruiting dozens of individuals in one fell swoop is right in front of you, recurring monthly commissions right in front of you…

Here’s the controversial part. When I first joined an Energy MLM company a couple of years ago I quickly realized the opportunity wasn’t in the opportunity, the opportunity was selling valuable tools and resources within the opportunity. In other words, instead of going out and recruiting people into my Energy MLM business, I’d target people who were already in my MLM business with tools and resources to help them recruit more people into their business and thus grow their commission base. I quickly built a list of 1,000 leads and made way more money selling the tools and resources than I made within the opportunity.

Think about it, someone recruited you into your MLM business. I bet that either that person or whoever recruited them has a pretty large downline with the majority having trouble growing their business. If you could get a valuable training resource in front of your MLM leaders that would teach them how to recruit more easily and effectively AND get paid off of everyone they convince to purchase, wouldn’t that be awesome. Enter the Empower Network!

The Empower Network is currently being used by other MLM leaders as a training tool to help new recruits build their business. While it can certainly be a primary business, many people are using it as a complement to whatever MLM business they are currently in… and here’s why:

5 Reasons To Pitch The Empower Network Training To Your UPLINE

1. Valuable Recruiting Tool: The Empower Network system shows network marketers exactly how to recruit people from all over the globe into your business. No longer will you be bugging everyone you know to get in your opportunity. The Empower Network system shows you step-by-step how to capture customers online that are naturally looking for similar opportunities. Check out the video here!

2. Multiple Applications: You can use the system to recruit people into your specific business or simply to promote other affiliate offers. I personally use it to do both. I describe how I use it to promote certain trading products I like in my MarketClub post.

3. The Compensation Plan: The compensation plan is ridiculous. Through Empower you can make up to $125 recurring monthly for everyone who signs up plus one-time payments up to $3,500 immediately from Day One, check out the Compensation Plan Video Here!

4. High Conversions: It’s all about conversions. With multiple entry levels (starting at just $25), the value proposition here is a no-brainer. The 100% commission structure naturally entices individuals to join.

5. Available For Most Every MLM Business: Some MLM companies do not allow their members to advertise online. The Empower Network System allows you to collect leads without advertising your specific opportunity, thus you remain in compliance with your company’s internet marketing policy.

This Reverse MLM Strategy is so effective because you are just placing the opportunity in front of someone who has probably already built a sizeable downline, and if that person hasn’t built a downline, they will probably pitch it to the person who recruited them in and so on and so forth….Before you know it you’ve basically flipped the whole organization on its head and now you are at the top with proven recruiting leaders with large lists below you recruiting people into your Empower Network business. Go from complete newbie to a cash generating leader virtually overnight.

Check out the video describing the process in more detail below. And as always feel free to contact me with any questions via the contact button above:

Empower Network Compensation Plan Video

The Stream Energy Business Has Finally Been Exposed [TRUTH]!

Stream Energy is the gas and electric service provider affiliated with Ignite. The Ignite / Stream Energy value proposition is fairly simple; provide customers with a lower cost energy alternative with little to no switching costs. Stream Energy is able to supposedly charge less by not expending any resources on traditional marketing, instead opting to go the network-marketing route with Ignite. But does “Stream Energy” really offer lower rates for its Ignite Reps to market? Let’s take a look…

Stream Energy

Stream Energy – Rankings By State

Curious to see if I was really saving money by switching to Stream Energy I decided to do a little research. Instead of just concentrating on my state of residency I decided to check Stream Energy rates vs. the competition across all the states in which Stream Energy and Ignite do business. As of this posting Ignite Stream Energy are in the following States: Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Stream Energy – Texas Ranking (as of 12/27/2011)

A quick search across multiple Texas rate comparison websites yield no results for Stream Energy. Hmmm, why is Stream Energy not listed on Texas sites that compare electricity rates? You would think if the company had competitive rates they’d make sure they were included on sites like these. Hmmmmm.

Stream Energy – Georgia Ranking (as of 12/27/2011)

According to the Energy Shop website which lists a total of 9 natural gas suppliers in the State of Georgia, Stream Energy ranked first, meaning Stream Energy had the lowest natural gas rate in the state.

Stream Energy – Pennsylvania Ranking (as of 12/27/2011)

According to the PA Power Switch website Stream Energy currently ranks 20 out of 37 energy providers in the Philadelphia area. Price per kwH ranged from $0.0849 to $0.1060 and Stream came in at $0.0939.

Comparison results for both Maryland and New Jersey came up empty. So in the end I guess we’ll never know exactly how they compare or at least until the public demands fair disclosure.

Ignite Stream Energy reps basically can do a 1-to-1 comparison to attract customers into the fold in these cases. When it comes down to it Stream Energy should have lower rates versus the big, traditional energy companies because of the lack of marketing budget.

If you are an Ignite rep and you wan to learn how to easily attract new energy customers into your business, I suggest you check out the free training we provide in the inner circle. You can sign up by entering your information in the Sign Up box in the upper right corner of the site.

If you would be interested in learning how we’re getting paid to simply blog about our hobbies and interests, including this post here, simply click on the link below.

Blog About Your Hobbies/Interests & Get Paid

We’ve used this simple system to get paid while generating double digit leads a day to recruit into a variety of businesses. It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. Check it out:

100% Commission & Double Digit Leads System


Stream Energy

Increase Your Energy MLM Residual Income Immediately…

As associates or potential associates of Energy MLM companies you already know the many benefits that come along with the biz: residual income, getting paid on multiple levels, leadership training, and did I mention getting PAID! I have to admit I was skeptical at first but being that it was such an easy sell (getting paid from energy bills) I dove in and over time, through many meetings, events, and phone calls, have been able to generate a nice income…

For those that are struggling in their Energy MLM biz or for those looking for an easy & quick way to generate substantial residual income while still building your lead list, I have found the absolute fastest way to start generating monthly residual income to support your Energy MLM biz or to do as a separate business to diversify your streams of income and the best part about it, it requires no meetings, no presentations, no selling, just tell your friends, family, and current members of your upline and downline about it and you can start seeing money deposited into your bank account tomorrow! No joke, daily deposits to your bank account!

Click on the short video below, believe me you won’t be disappointed. Also feel free to leave comments below to discuss. Don’t miss out…

The Fastest Way To Boost Your Residual Income!

Empower Network

But My Energy MLM Biz Prohibits Internet Marketing…

The Ugly Truth About Marketing Your Energy MLM Biz

You’re probably not going to like what I have to say, but it needs to be said. You are not going to strike it big in your Energy MLM biz by simply contacting everyone you know and meet in person. There I said it. Sure you can make a nice little recurring revenue using this old model, and if that is your goal then you really don’t need to read any further. However if you really want to supercharge your Energy MLM Biz and take it to the next level, you need to utilize all the technology at your fingertips, most specifically the Internet.

But My Energy MLM Biz Doesn’t Allow Internet Marketing…

It surprises me (but I guess it really shouldn’t) that people hear this from many of the companies and basically just shut down, deciding not to even think about this alternative. We’ve received several emails from visitors of this site proclaiming my company doesn’t allow XYZ so why do you even talk about it on this site. Some even get upset and vow to never return. I GUARANTEE these people will never reach the levels they likely want to attain without using the Internet, and believe it or not YOU CAN use the Internet to promote your Energy MLM Biz IN ACCORDANCE with your company’s prohibited policy. I’m going to reveal 1 strategy below but I encourage to view a full range of alternatives in this video:

Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Energy MLM Biz

Read Your Energy MLM Biz Internet Marketing Policy

Are you allowed to tell your friends and family about your business via email? The answer is YES. Ok so now if you just had a list of people who may be interested in your business that you could email you’d be in good shape. So how do I reach these people without violating my company’s policy? Well if you think they’d be interested in your business then they are probably interested in your competitors as well…So what if you created a website that never mentioned your business specifically but targeted people who are considering your competitors who you name specifically? In other words what if you crafted a website that said “You Need To Read My Special Report If You Are Thinking About Joining ABC, XYZ, or DEF”. You never mention your company specifically on the website. If you get people to sign up to receive your free report, you can then email them SPECIFICALLY about how your company is better than the names you mentioned in your headline.

This is just one strategy, a very effective one at that, and one that you’ve likely already seen in action (hint, hint). If you are serious about making it in this business you need to start incorporating some of these tactics in your business. To learn how to implement this strategy and more, be sure to watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Energy MLM Biz

Ampegy Review and Detailed Profile

Ampegy Review


*** For all the latest news on Ampegy and detailed strategies and tactics to grow your Energy biz be sure to join our Inner Circle for Free by providing your name and email address in the Sign-Up box in the upper right corner of the site. ***

Ampegy: History

Founded in February of 2011, Ampegy is the network marketing division of Spark Energy, a Texas-based, multi-state, energy and gas provider that’s been in business for more than a decade and was founded by Keith Maxwell.

Ampegy States of Operation

As of March 13, 2011, Ampegy provides service in 7 states: Texas, California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Ampegy Costs

Representatives can regularly join Ampegy for a one-time fee of $399 and a monthly fee of $20 for websites needed to build both representative and customer business.

Ampegy Compensation Structure

The Ampegy compensation structure includes 3 ways representatives can make money: Immediate Income, Recurring Income, and Unlimited Income.

Ampegy Immediate Income: Representatives earn $100 when they personally enroll 3 customers within the first 30 days. An additional $100 is earned if you personally sponsor 10 customers within your 1st 30 days. A sponsored fast start bonus of $100 is earned whenever any personally sponsored Qualified Representative enrolls 3 customers within 30 days of joining the business.

Ampegy Business Development Bonuses: The Ampegy leadership structure consists of the following 4 levels:

Qualified Rep (QR): starting point

Managing Rep (MR): personally sponsor 3 new QRs

Area Rep (AR): Achieve MR status, 10 total customers, personally sponsor 3 MRs, total team of 30 QRs

National Rep (NR): Achieve AR status; develop 10 ARs, 5 of which personally sponsored after promotion to AR.

Leadership Bonuses range from $50 to $180 per new qualified representative (QR) to unlimited levels.

Ampegy Check Match Bonus: This Bonus pays a 25% Bonus of all the Business Development Bonuses earned by the first 3 Qualified Representatives that you Sponsor into your Organization.

Ampegy Recurring Income consists of monies paid to you when customers within your organization (down 6 levels) pay their monthly energy bills. Monthly recurring income ranges anywhere from $0.25-$1.50 (Non-Texas) and $0.25-$14.00 (in Texas) dependent upon level and energy usage.

Managing Reps earn an extra $0.50 per customer, Area Reps an extra $1.00, and National Reps an extra $1.50.

Ampegy Key Selling Points

  • Simple leadership structure.
  • Check Match Bonus provides additional 25% bonus on all business development bonuses earned by the first 3 personally sponsored QRs.

Ampegy Key Deficiencies

  • Top Businesss Development Bonuses of $180, relatively low compared to competition.
  • Limited track record (founded in February of 2011).

How To ‘Auto-Pilot’ Recruit As Many As 95 People In Less Than 3 Days

Have you been struggling to recruit new partners into your Energy MLM business? If so, before you quit and move on, you owe it to yourself to try an alternative approach. The days of “call up your friends and family”, make a list of…, and all those other old fashioned techniques are long gone. The techniques outlined in this short video will change how you view recruiting people into your Energy MLM business.

Seriously, do NOT underestimate the power of the information I’m sharing with you today. It is one of the STRONGEST and most profitable principles existing in our modern world. Internet marketers have used this principle to make FORTUNES, and still are today.  I think it’s high time that Energy network marketers catch on…

Click the link below to watch the video that has transformed the way we approach our Energy businesses. The next 5 minutes will absolutely change how you approach yours!

The Key to Energy MLM Recruiting Success

Viridian Energy Review and Detailed Profile

Viridian Energy Review

Viridian Energy

*** For all the latest news on Viridian and detailed strategies and tactics to grow your Energy biz be sure to join our Inner Circle for Free by providing your name and email address in the Sign-Up box in the upper right corner of the site. ***

Viridian Energy History:

Viridian Energy was founded in March 2009 by Michael Fallquist who previously served as the COO of Commerce Energy, a publicly listed natural gas and electricity retailer that was subsequently purchased by Ambit in 2008.

Viridian Energy States of Operation

As of February 15, 2011, Viridian operates in 5 states: Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Viridian Energy Costs

Viridian charges Associates based on the number of States the Associate wants access to. The Single State option costs $199 and the All States option costs $399. Associates are charged $20/month for the website and an annual renewal fee of $59.

Viridian Leadership Structure

Viridian’s new leadership structure consists of 12 levels as described below:

Associate (AS): 2 customers.

Senior Associate (SA): 5 customers.

Executive Associate (EA): 10 customers, 3 SAs, 25 total customers

Director (DR): 15 customers, 3 EAs, 250 total customers, 5 lines

Senior Director (SD): 20 customers, 2 DRs, 1k total customers, 5 lines

Executive Director (ED): 25 customers, 4 DRs, 2.5k total customers, 5 lines

Partner (PR): 30 customers, 5 DRs, 5k total customers, 10 lines

Platinum Partner (PP): 35 customers, 10 DRs, 10k total customers, 10 lines

Diamond Partner (DP): 40 customers, 15 DRs, 25k total customers, 10 lines

Ambassador (AM): 50 customers, 25 DRs, 50k total customers, 15 lines

Platinum Ambassador (PA): 50 customers, 50 DRs, 100k total customers, 15 lines

Diamond Ambassador (DA): 50 customers, 100 DRs, 150k customers, 15 lines

Viridian Energy Compensation Structure

The Viridian compensation structure includes 7 ways associates can make money as highlighted below:

Viridian Fast Start Bonus: New Viridian Associates earn $100 when they personally sponsor 5 customers within 30 days, 10 customers within 60 days, and 15 customers within 90 days for a grand total of $300.

Viridian Mentor Bonus: Viridian Associates are paid a matching check ($100-$300) for each personally sponsored associate that earns a Fast Start Bonus.

Viridian Monthly Income Bonus: For energy usage up to 1,500 kWh, Viridian Associates earn anywhere between $0.15 and $4.00 on customer energy bills dependent on leadership rank and what level the customer sits in your organization. Additional bonuses are paid on energy customers that use in excess of 1,500 kWh per month. These bonuses range from an additional $0.50 for usage between 1500-3000 all the way up to $1,000 for usage of 500,000 kWh or more.

Viridian Generation Bonus:  Each time an Associate creates a leader in their organization a bonus is generated to the leaders above them. Generation bonuses range from $0.25 to $2.00 down 5 levels.

Viridian Infinity Bonus: This is an extension of the Generation Bonus past level 4. Associates earn an additional $0.05-$0.25 per customer per month on everyone not included in the Generation Bonus (Level 5 and beyond).

Viridian Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB): Awarded to Associates as they advance in rank. RAB payouts range from $500 upon Director promotion to $100,000 on Diamond Ambassador promotion.

Viridian Key Selling Points

  • ‘Green’ energy company
  • Monthly income bonuses up to $1,000 for heavy usage customers
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses up to $100k for the top position
  • Strong Northeast presence

Viridian Key Deficiencies

    • Complicated compensation structure with a greater emphasis on signing up customers.
    • Comparatively low Leadership/Mentor bonuses on non-personally sponsored associates ($75)
    • Limited track record (operations started in early 2009)

      Ambit Energy: Detailed Profile and Comprehensive Review

      Ambit Review

      ambit energy*** For all the latest news on Ambit and detailed strategies and tactics to grow your Energy biz be sure to join our Inner Circle for Free by providing your name and email address in the Sign-Up box in the upper right corner of the site. ***

      Ambit History:

      Ambit Energy was founded in early 2006 in Addison, Texas by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless in response to the opportunity created by energy deregulation in Texas. The company has experienced tremendous growth over its near 5 years in operation, raking in over $325 million in revenue in 2009.

      Ambit Energy was recently recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing company in the US. The full article highlighting Ambit can be found at the link below:

      Ambit: America’s Fastest Growing Company

      Ambit States of Operation

      As of February 5, 2011, Ambit operates in 5 states: Texas, Maryland, New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

      Ambit Costs

      Consultants can regularly join Ambit for a one-time fee of $429 and a monthly fee of $25 for websites needed to build both associate and customer business. Ambit charges no renewal fees.

      Ambit Compensation Structure

      The Ambit compensation structure includes 3 ways consultants can make money: Instant Bonuses, Leadership Bonuses, and Residual Income.

      Ambit Instant Bonuses: Ambit offers consultants varying bonuses for meeting customer and new consultant sign-up goals within specific time frames. Consultants receive $100 when they personally enroll 4 customers within their 1st four weeks. An additional $100 is paid when the consultant signs up another 6 customers for a total of 10 customers within 8 weeks of starting. Additional $50 bonuses are given in 5 customer increments within an 8 or 12-week time frame.

      Ambit consultants are also paid $100 for each personally sponsored new consultant that enrolls their 1st 4 customers within their 1st four weeks.

      Ambit Leadership Bonuses: The Ambit leadership structure consists of the following 5 levels:

      Marketing Consultant (MC): Starting point.

      Regional Consultant (RC): 5 customers, personally sponsor 2 MCs, total team of 6 MCs

      Senior Consultant (SC): Achieve RC status, 10 total customers, personally sponsor 2 MCs, total team of 18 MCs

      Executive Consultant (EC): Achieve SC status, 15 total customers, develop 5 SCs within SC organization

      National Consultant (NC): Achieve EC status, 20 total customers, develop 5 ECs within EC Organization

      Leadership Bonuses range from $55 to $240 per new consultant to unlimited levels.

      Ambit Residual Income consists of monies paid to you when customers within your organization pay their monthly energy bills. Monthly residual payouts are calculated based on leadership position, the level the customer sits within your organization, and the amount of energy the customer uses. Residual payments range anywhere from $0.05 on the 1st level all the way up to $5.00.

      Ambit Key Selling Points

      • Leadership Bonuses amongst the highest in the industry paying out $240 per new consultant at the top level.
      • Ambit offers free energy to customers or distributors that refer 15 customers.
      • Fastest growing company in America for 2010 according to Inc. magazine.

      Ambit Key Deficiencies

      • One of the highest entry fees, $429.

      Ignite | Stream Energy: Detailed Profile and Comprehensive Review

      Ignite Review

      ignite stream energy

      *** For all the latest news on Ignite and detailed strategies and tactics to grow your Energy biz be sure to join our Inner Circle for Free by providing your name and email address in the Sign-Up box in the upper right corner of the site. ***

      Ignite | Stream Energy History:

      Stream Energy was founded in August 2004 in response to the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas.  Stream Energy was licensed as a Retail Electrical Provider by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas in January of 2005 and began servicing Texas electricity customers two months later. Stream Energy created Ignite, a separately branded marketing arm, designed to implement a multi-level marketing strategy to sell its energy services. Ignite currently has over 160k independent associates.

      Ignite / Stream Energy was recognized by Inc. magazine in 2009 as one of the fastest growing companies, growing revenues from $70 million to $845 million in 5 years.

      Ignite States of Operation

      As of February 3, 2011, Ignite operates in just 3 states, Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

      Ignite Costs

      Associates can regularly join Ignite for a one-time fee of $299 and a monthly fee of $25 for websites needed to build both associate and customer business. Ignite doesn’t seem to charge any annual renewal fees to associates.

      Ignite Compensation Structure

      The Ignite compensation structure boasts of 3 distinct ways associates make money: Immediate Income, Leadership Income, and Residual Income.

      Ignite Immediate Income consists of bonuses associates receive for signing up new associates and customers within a certain period of time.  Sign up 4 qualified energy customers within the 1st 30 days and you will earn $100.  You can receive another $100 when you signup a total of 10 qualified customers within the 1st 60 days. $100 is also paid for each person you personally sponsor who signs up 4 customers with 30 days.

      Ignite Leadership Income: The Ignite leadership structure consists of the following 5 levels:

      Director (D): Starting point.

      Qualified Director (QD): 4 customers.

      Managing Director (MD): Achieve QD status, 10 total customers, personally sponsor 3 Ds, total team of 12 Ds

      Senior Director (SD): Achieve MD status, 15 total customers, personally sponsor 3 additional Ds, develop 2 MDs within MD organization

      Executive Director (ED): Achieve SD status, 20 total customers, develop 5 SDs within SD Organization

      Leadership Income Bonuses range from $75 to $225 per associate to unlimited depth.

      Ignite Residual Income consists of monies paid to you when customers within your organization pay their monthly energy bills. Monthly residual payouts are calculated based on your title and level the customer sits within your organization. This is a flat fee per customer not dependent on level of energy usage. Residual payments range anywhere from $0.25 on the 1st level all the way up to $3.00.

      Stream Energy Rates

      From what we can tell Stream Energy offers some of the lowest rates around. Now clearly rates fluctuate daily so its impossible to say Stream offers the lowest rates but what we can tell you that in one of the biggest markets with Pennsylvania Stream Energy has consistently been the lowest cost electricity provider for the past month.

      Ignite Key Selling Points

      • The largest Energy MLM Company with over $900 million in revenue in 2010.
      • Ignite has been in operation for nearly 6 years.
      • Reasonable Entry Fee ($299)
      • Some of the lowest electricity rates

      Ignite Key Deficiencies

      • Currently only in 3 States
      • Residual payments on customers are not paid until associate promoted to Managing Director level

      Hopefully you’ve found this Ignite review to be helpful. We will be updating our reviews of each and every Energy MLM company highlighted on the site as information change.

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